Edward F. Steinfeld


Whether you are short on personnel, lack the in-house expertise, or just don't have the time to plan and execute marketing tasks - Edward Steinfeld can help.

How Edward Steinfeld Can Assist Your Company

bulletProvide research and trends for companies starting new business lines
bulletAssist in developing market plans for new companies or new businesses
bulletTrain sales, marketing, and customers on your products, markets, and technology.
bulletTrain junior marketing personnel on how to manage and execute tradeshows, conferences, develop collateral, and follow up on leads.
bulletExpand your existing business by providing a fresh and up-to-date look at the markets and their technology trends
bulletShow your company the relationships between the various market makers and how they affect your business
bulletMentoring - Assist startups and those just considering going into business for themselves on what they need to know and the problems they will face.
bulletIntroduce your company and people and your products or technology to the embedded computing press and assist in the writing and placement of articles